Your Personal « DNA »: the way you are wired

This Covid crisis has revealed our limitations. The extreme nature of the period we are living through, forces us to look at ourselves:

  • Who am I?

  • How do I function?

  • Why do certain behaviors irritate me?

  • How can I function better with the other (child, husband, partner, colleague, step-children, etc.)

  • What are my limits?

  • Why do I feel so exhausted ?

“Exceptional are those who manage to understand the mechanisms of their suffering and who prevent themselves from reproducing them on others. “

John Joos

The 5 sessions I offer, will allow you to map the subtleties of your personality, to accept the cards in your deck and to function optimally.


  • Difficult relationships with colleagues, boss, partner, children, etc 

  • You feel misunderstood

  • You feel hostage of your emotions

  • You don’t understand yourself sometimes

  • In some situations, you wish you would have reacted in a different way 

  • You feel imprisoned by some of your behaviors

  • A general feeling of weariness

  • You feel depleted by life in general

…then we should work together!


#A better understanding of how you function in the different contexts of your life (family, work, friends, etc.)

#The main unconscious motivations behind your perceptions, thoughts, emotions and behaviors

#Recognition of your negative manifestations of stress and those of others

#Communicate with those around you, making sure you understand them and are understood

#Improvement of your relationship

#Understanding of your emotions and how to deal with them

#A mapping of all the resources at your disposal that you didn’t know you had

#A boost of self confidence and self esteem

#Humility to accept yourself the way you are

#A good knowledge of all your triggers

#Development of your inner compass

#Making the best decisions for yourself

5 sessions to hack your personality!

Price for the value I create for you:

Individuals: 5×70 eur (+ 40 eur for your online Enneagram test & book)

Freelance & companies: 750 eur VAT excl.

Book your 30 min Zoom Call with me to see if this program is made for you