Who am I

Hey, my name is Miriam, I am a hope-restoring & clarity coach that help individuals and organizations find their authentic professional & personal DNA for the season they’re in.

Graduated in Business, Communication and Business English, I quickly moved abroad (India, UK, Denmark, Germany) for companies: team management, business strategy, customer & employee experience, etc. A lack of meaning and balance between results and humanity at work were the triggers for an inner transition. I felt depleted and lost… It was the beginning of a total rethinking of my life and my discovery of the world of emotions. The question “what to do” quickly arose, I wanted something that corresponded to me. I searched for a long time, attended numerous trainings, webinars, retreats etc. And yet my professional DNA was there in front of my eyes: helping others find their professional & personal DNA. My goal is to save you precious time by accessing the best of the tools and techniques I have discovered through all these years of inner quest. I have been fortunate to accompany people and organisations ready to invest in their gifts and talents for almost 10 years!

My values: clarity, authenticity, depth, courage and freedom.

My motto: keep growing and glowing !

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