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Miriam Garando

Hey, my name is Miriam, I am a  purpose & clarity coach that helps you find your authentic professional & personal DNA for the season you’re in.

Here is my professional truth :

I believe work is about honoring our gifts and talents. We are all born with a talent, an ability a skill that just waits for you to use it and monetize it. In order to do that, you need to be connected to your Purpose. What are you born to do in this life? This exploration will allow you to live effortlessly and reach the level of prosperity and fulfillment you really deserve.

As for organizations, the process is similar : when an organisation knows itself, has laid its foundations, the rest is purely operational. When a company has taken the time to define its DNA, it automatically creates trust, allowing people to live and work together, feel safe and belong to a group. Trust is the 1st condition for a team to exist…

"Warmth, smiles and kindness. Miriam's universe is a suspended moment opening a door to oneself, which Miriam watches over with her incomparable range of skills. "

Charlotte L.

"This journey was a very beautiful experience. Miriam offers a tailor-made approach. After this experience, I have a clear idea of my professional future »

Cécilia R.

"These sessions were a slap in the face. It's really powerful and now I can't stop seeing my Purpose. Everything brings me back to it. I'm contacting the bank to finance my heart project"

Vincent F.

"I am less stressed at the idea of finding my 1st job, in this Covid period. At the end of the 5 sessions, I have 3 options that correspond to me perfectly. It was great! "

Zoé D.

"I arrived a little lost and unmotivated by my job. I didn't really know what I could do or how to change. In 5 sessions (quite intense and deep), it became clearer. My vision is clear and so is the next step"

Hélène D.

You have taught me to reconnect to myself, to focus on the possibilities and the realisation of my deepest desires. You have opened my eyes to who I really am and the potential I can bring out of myself and others. I am able to project myself and implement all that is necessary for a life I have wanted since I was a child. I have freed myself from the constraints imposed by life and can easily overcome all the trials that come my way. I know who I am, finally, and moving forward in life is no longer a difficulty. I am grateful for the work you have done!

Geneviève VD

Words are not strong enough to tell you how grateful and full of gratitude I am. Things are moving for me, I am less afraid: I even dared to raise the price of my own consultations!


Delphine D.

I lived each session with intensity and emotion. At the end of each session, I received confirmations of situations or feelings that were locked deep inside me and incomprehensible according to my personal dictionary. You brought to light my talents that I didn't seem to want to see and understand. You made me aware of many things that were buried. You helped me to trust myself. You gave me a lot of keys. You erased my "fears". You perceived incredible details, detected blockages. In short, it was and will remain something very strong! Thanks to you, I can see my wiring and visualize how I can make it work on this new path which is my life mission. Miriam, thank you for all this. Thank you for being you, a beautiful authentic person with a big heart. A person totally dedicated to her mission towards others

Anne D.

Coaching that "liberates" is how I would sum up the process I followed with you. Thanks to you, I now have in my hands the toolbox that will allow me to realize my projects. You helped me discover who I am and what my deepest aspirations are. Now my goals are clear! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and your smile. A fully satisfied client!

S. A.

Thank you very much for this great work and the summary of the sessions with A****y. We were very happy to have met you, you are a beautiful person 😉 Thank you for all your investment.

A. D.

But everyone should do this programme! (talking about the Personal DNA programme)

D. M. 

This is our third session, I already feel better. I don't want to aim for "excellence" anymore, that's my trap, the middle ground is enough. I want to breathe. Last week I stuck to my schedule, I don't feel obliged to do 50 hours a week anymore!

J. de K.

But how good these sessions make me feel, I didn't know I had all this potential in me! I feel like I'm breathing for the first time.

I. d’Y.

The fact that I came to see you is already proof that I wanted to move forward. Thank you for these 6 sessions, we have put my ideas in order. The sequence is clear. I have a lot of work to do! Everything is coherent. (B.A., a few weeks after our PRO DNA sessions found THE job of his dreams in Switzerland, he designs helmets and other sports equipment to improve performance!)

B. A.

I've been doing personal development for 20 years, yet in 1 session you put your finger on a huge blockage that nobody had seen! Thank you!!!

C. C. 

I finally understand where my discomfort comes from and I become aware of my "super powers"! Nice to make my personal identity card!


Skeptical by nature, this journey with Miriam was a reconciliation with myself. She awakened my potential that had always been suppressed and even stifled, both professionally and, above all, personally. Thank you Miriam for these powerful moments that resonated with me.

Didier M.

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